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Création et administration de sociétés, expertise transfrontalière, conseil en fiscalité et juridique

RISTER® specializes in the formation and administration of Swiss companies. We advise our clients on the formation and administration of Swiss companies, holding companies and foundations. We also offer complementary services:

- Incorporation of companies in Switzerland
- Company administration
- Domiciliation of companies in Geneva, Luzern and Zug

RISTER® is made up of professionals in a number of key business areas, including company formation and administration. Its specialized staff provides precise, high-quality advice on corporate finance, accounting, taxation and company administration in Switzerland.


En effet, RISTER® jouit de l’expérience de ses collaborateurs, experts en création d’entreprise et administration d’entreprise, qui permet de cerner et d’anticiper les besoins de ses clients, afin d’y apporter une solution appropriée et efficace avec des conseils stratégiques adaptés aux défis internationaux.

Proactive services

By providing proactive services and advice, you will be able to make the right decisions in compliance with Swiss law. By outsourcing your company's administration and accounting, you'll save a significant amount of time, allowing you to focus on what matters most: developing your business.


In this case, our business model is based on optimizing each administrative step and rigorous file management. Our organization allows us to offer a professional service with an excellent price/performance ratio. Based in Geneva, our fiduciary has excellent expertise in the management of various files. We work in all business sectors and handle both simple and complex situations.

Customized services

Our Geneva-based fiduciary offers customized services to help you establish and manage your business in Switzerland. From domiciliation to financial advice, from auditing to payroll, our team is here to advise you and put its experience at your disposal to make your business a success.


Our expertise covers all aspects of corporate governance at the cantonal, federal and international levels. It's essential to have the experience and insight to manage a company on an international scale and to provide customized advice for often complex and unique cases. We work hand in hand with our clients to provide practical, relevant solutions.

Your expert
Andrés Taracido

Andrés Taracido is a highly qualified and experienced professional with a solid understanding of the laws and regulations applicable to the incorporation and administration of Swiss companies and foundations. He is responsible for the administration of companies in Switzerland and internationally on behalf of his clients, entrepreneurs, families and businesses. His expertise and ability to manage corporate administration efficiently make him a valuable partner for all clients wishing to establish a business in Switzerland.

Case studies
We accompanied them

We've guided our clients every step of the way, turning administrative and tax challenges into successful opportunities.

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The fiduciary

Fiduciary in Geneva, Switzerland: all you need to know

The fiduciary

The fiduciary is an essential ally for a company director, as he or she can handle a wide range of tasks. In addition to preparing the company's financial statements for its clients, this professional also has other duties to perform.

The function of a fiduciary

The fiduciary function, which is very common in Switzerland, can be assigned to a company, a legal entity or an individual. Fiduciary comes from the Latin word "fiducia", meaning trust. In France, the fiduciary profession could be compared to that of a chartered accountant.

Multiple roles in the company

For example, he or she may be responsible for all of the company's accounting, payroll, and various administrative tasks (such as opening, managing, and closing bank accounts). He or she may also manage the human resources department, review and prepare tax returns, or conduct audits.

A strategic partner for the company

This trust professional will act as a true collaborator for the company, providing invaluable services. He or she will guide the business owner through every important stage of the company's development, from start-up, through periods of growth and maturity, to liquidation.

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