Financial advice

Implementing an effective wealth planning strategy protects you from the risk of outliving your assets.

Financial Advice for Individuals and Shareholders

Life is marked by predictable or unpredictable events that can impact everyone's economic situation. Numerous factors and threats can jeopardize your wealth. Implementing an effective wealth planning strategy protects you from the threats of a decrease or even the disappearance of your fortune. These dangers, which could endanger your assets, may arise from risks related to your professional or entrepreneurial activities, risks in the event of separation or divorce, conflicts with your heirs, or freezing or seizure of your wealth.

The Swiss pension system is deteriorating, and future pensions will be reduced due to the constant and planned decrease in the conversion rate of pension funds. One can guard against these uncertainties about future income through rigorous financial planning. This requires a thorough analysis of your overall situation, your occupational pension, and your private pension.

This approach ensures that your future retirement and financial future are built on solid foundations. It also highlights the importance of addressing pension gaps as early as possible.

All measures should be taken to protect your family in the event of death or incapacity for work, as well as to ensure financial freedom when you decide to stop your entrepreneurial activity or during early retirement. Various solutions are available to you to supplement your individual and professional pension benefits, avoid pension gaps, save more, and lighten your tax burden.

We advise individuals and entrepreneurs on the selection and implementation of a professional and individual pension strategy. We guide you in choosing the best tax-efficient individual investment strategies and offer advice on supplementary pension plans and over-obligatory professional pension plans. For example, 1e pension plans allow you to decide on investment strategies based on your individual risk profile. These professional pension plans provide individuals and entrepreneurs with great flexibility and freedom in choosing investments for their pension fund.

Once your financial situation and professional pension planning are free from gaps, we guide you through a comprehensive financial approach. This includes advice on real estate investments, personalized tax advice considering your pension planning, and guidance encompassing your entire wealth and risk aversion. Our financial advisory service relies on extensive experience, advanced professional education in finance, and incorporates environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria. Wealth management has a tradition of over two centuries in Switzerland. RISTER and our banking partners boast high-level expertise in Swiss wealth management, cross-border wealth management, and private banking services.

Furthermore, our wealth planning advice allows you to structure your wealth to protect and preserve it for future generations, in addition to tax planning and estate planning.

Entrepreneurs who are shareholders and employees of their own company will pay special attention to choosing the best possible ratio between their annual salary and the dividends distributed by their company. An optimal choice of this ratio allows for significant tax savings, a substantial strengthening of savings capacity, and avoiding the reclassification of part of the dividends as salary subject to social security contributions.

RISTER® complies with Swiss anti-money laundering laws and adheres to legal requirements at all times. RISTER® is a member of a self-regulated fiduciary organization (OAR - Fiduciaire Suisse) recognized by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). Our compliance and adherence to national and international standards meet the highest requirements in the fiduciary and financial intermediary sector. RISTER® undergoes an annual audit for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance.

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