Cloud fiduciary application

Our Digital Fiduciary Services 2.0 allows you to send us your dematerialized documents in complete security. It's easy to use and highly efficient: once submitted to the interface, documents are instantly received and processed by us. You have access to all your management information at all times.

Specialized Fiduciary Services

It's easy to use and highly efficient: once you submit your documents via the interface, we receive and process them immediately. So you have access to your entire administration at all times. Our cloud service can host and manage, for example

  • The act of incorporation
  • The register of shareholders
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax returns
  • Correspondence
  • Your invoices issued and received
  • Expense reports
  • Confidential documents

The space is also accessible via a smartphone application for mobile needs, allowing you to manage your business anytime.

Optimal security: The digital tools used guarantee maximum protection of the data and documents exchanged. We use multiple data encryption systems and triple data storage.

Finally, the Swiss Data Protection Act guarantees data confidentiality.

In the event of an emergency or even death, you can also designate a trusted beneficiary to retrieve your data and ensure a smooth transfer.

Our Geneva-based fiduciary offers professional services based on efficient, easy-to-use digital 2.0 tools.

This facilitates the management of your company with a clear, real-time view of your accounts.

We use a computerized platform to monitor and display key information.

Mobile app

The platform is also accessible through a secure mobile application. This flexibility is part of a range of digital solutions that allow you to view your company's accounting and financial situation at any time, for accurate, real-time management, particularly appreciated by clients who need to be mobile.

Cloud Services in Switzerland

Our services are based on digital tools using cloud services located in Switzerland. This allows us to emphasize security and, in particular, access to your information from multiple terminals: smartphone via our application, tablet or laptop. The cloud allows you to consult and synchronize your information, so you can access your account from multiple access points.

Data inheritance

With Data Inheritance, you can authorize the automatic transfer of your passwords and files to trusted beneficiaries (family, colleagues, friends) in the event of an emergency or death. It's a reliable, secure solution that's ideal for today's digital needs.

Digital Safe in Switzerland

Access to a digital safe allows you to store documents in a secure area to prevent loss or theft. It is ideal for storing sensitive documents, the loss of which could have serious consequences. Our digital safe solution is backed by Swiss-based technology and professional, recognized partners.

Secured storage

Your information is highly secure. We use some of the best digital solutions on the market to guarantee our customers high quality and, above all, reliable services.

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