A fiduciary specializing in accounting, tax and payroll management can provide significant added value. Below, we explore the services offered by a Geneva-based fiduciary for SMEs.

Fiduciaire in Geneva: accounting, tax and payroll services for SMEs

In Geneva's economic landscape, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role. However, managing their accounting and tax affairs can be complex and time-consuming for company directors, who need to concentrate on developing their core business.

Accounting for SMEs

Accounting is an essential aspect of financial management for any business, whatever its size. SMEs need to keep accurate records of their financial transactions, including sales, purchases, expenses and income. This enables financial performance to be monitored, informed decisions to be made and legal obligations to be met.

A fiduciary in Geneva offers comprehensive accounting services for SMEs. This includes bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, cash management, preparation of tax returns and much more. The fiduciary's expert accountants ensure that accounting records comply with Swiss accounting standards and current regulations.

Taxation for SMEs

Taxation is a complex and constantly evolving field, making it essential to rely on experienced professionals to manage an SME's tax obligations. A fiduciary in Geneva offers expertise in tax matters, enabling SMEs to comply with tax regulations while optimizing their financial situation.

Tax services offered by a fiduciary include the preparation and filing of tax returns, tax management, tax optimization, estate planning and many other tax aspects. Tax experts work closely with SMEs to identify opportunities to reduce taxes legally, while avoiding the risks of tax non-compliance.

Payroll management for SMEs

A fiduciary in Geneva also offers payroll, social insurance and work permit management services for companies. Payroll management is a complex process, requiring careful attention to applicable regulations, tax rates, social security contributions and deductions. A fiduciary's payroll experts take care of the entire process, from accurate payroll calculations to the preparation of payslips and management of social security declarations. They also ensure compliance with social insurance regulations, such as AVS (Old Age and Survivors' Insurance), AI (Invalidity Insurance), LAA (Accident Insurance Act) and LPP (Occupational Pensions Act). In addition, the fiduciary can help companies obtain the necessary work permits for their foreign employees, ensuring that all administrative formalities are completed efficiently and in compliance with current legislation. Thanks to these payroll, social insurance and work permit management services, companies in Geneva can concentrate on their core business with the assurance that these essential aspects are handled professionally and in line with legal requirements.

For SMEs in Geneva, the services of a fiduciary specializing in accounting and taxation can be of great value. These qualified professionals can ease the administrative burden on business managers, enabling them to concentrate on their core business.

Ultimately, turning to RISTER - Fiduciary in Geneva for accounting, tax and payroll services is a wise choice for SMEs, as it allows them to benefit from the expertise and experience of a specialized team, while focusing on the growth and development of their business.

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