The organization of shareholders' meetings in Switzerland follows a regulated procedure. Notice of the meeting, including the agenda, is usually sent out 20 days in advance. During the meeting, shareholders vote on proposed resolutions and influence the direction of the company.

Process, Convocation, and Conducting a General Meeting of a Company in Switzerland

A company's General Meeting is a crucial moment in its life, where shareholders gather to make significant decisions. In Switzerland, this process is regulated by both law and the company's bylaws, necessitating precise steps to ensure its smooth conduct.

  1. Convocation

The initial step in the process is the convocation of shareholders to the General Meeting. The convocation must adhere to the legal and bylaw provisions of the company. In Switzerland, shareholders must be informed of the date, venue, and agenda of the General Meeting at least twenty days before the scheduled date.

Convocation can be carried out through various means, such as postal mail, electronic communication, or publication on the company's website. It should contain the necessary information to enable shareholders to make informed decisions.

  1. Agenda

The agenda is a crucial element of the convocation to the General Meeting, outlining the points to be discussed during the meeting. Shareholders have the right to add items to the agenda, subject to compliance with legal and bylaw deadlines.

The agenda should be clearly formulated and precise, allowing shareholders to adequately prepare for discussions and decision-making.

  1. Conducting the General Meeting

On the day of the General Meeting, shareholders gather either in person or virtually, as specified in the company's bylaws or the convocation. The meeting is typically presided over by the chairman of the board of directors or a designated individual.


During the General Meeting, shareholders discuss the items on the agenda, vote on proposed resolutions, and make decisions regarding the management and direction of the company. Decisions are made by a majority of the votes of the shareholders present or represented, unless the bylaws state otherwise.

The convocation and conduct of a General Meeting of a company in Switzerland are regulated processes that require meticulous planning and adherence to legal and bylaw provisions. These meetings provide shareholders with the opportunity to actively participate in the company's affairs by making important decisions for its future. Ensuring transparency and legal compliance throughout these processes is crucial to guarantee the legitimacy of the decisions made and the good governance of the company.

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